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Vern's Storage Inc.  
One call and Vern is on his way with a Storage unit for you.  Instant storage delivered ready to use at your  location.  Storage at your place, not some facility miles away.  This unit is right in your own yard ...... know what I mean Vern?  For personal or business use. Vern has you covered with large 10x20 storage units.  Vern will set it level on your lot and hand you the key.  Vern                  

A revolutionary idea in residential and commercial storage.   Why are you driving and hauling your things miles away from your home or business when the sensible thing to do is let the storage come to you.  Vern's is dedicated to providing long term, cost effective storage to residential and commercial users.  Bringing storage to you, wherever you are.  Our Storage units are delivered on your request, and set level on your lot using our unique patented lift and level system.  Providing you, the customer with added storage no matter where you are.

22198797[1]Let Vern provide Your Storage Unit? 
Convenience -We literally put storage in your back yard, providing the convenience and easy access to stored property without any restrictions.  No business hours for accessing you stuff .... Vern says: "Go on and Dig into it anytime you get a hankern". 

Security- Break-ins are prevalent at fixed site storage locations. With a Vern's Storage Unit you watch over your own property and worry less about break-ins because your belongings are stored at your home or business.  Vern says: "If'n yur keepn yur stuff within shotgun range, won't no one be messen with it".

Price- The other storage places have to charge you for the costs associated with their facility.  Real Estate, property tax, insurance, security and maintenance.   Additionally, these facilities must be staffed.  Without these expenses we are able to pass the savings on to you, guaranteeing consistently lower prices than fixed sight storage facilities.  Vern Says: "Hunker down now, and keep yur stuff in sight cuss this ride ain't over by a long bit".  Translation Price matters! 



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