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  Our Mission  

We are in the business of providing large 10x20 foot
 storage units at your location, but our mission is for you
     to be glad to shake Vern's hand.        
 Vern says: "When the customer wants to shake yur hand, after the deal is done, you know you done em right". 

These units are the size of the big ones at most fixed site storage facilities.  2x4 wood frame on the inside 3/4 Plywood on the floor.  They are big and strong like Vern, and we will deliver and set it level on your lot regardless of how flat or level your land is.  
Vern says: "We taint nothing fancy, but we give folks their monies worth and then some".

Family owned and operated through good times and hard times we believe strongly in customer service and customer satisfaction.  Vern has his name on the building and that means everything. 

Vern says:  "It is our mission to deliver a great product at a great price and shake hands with as many folks as we can across this Great County.  



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